Our Endevour is to provide basic knowledge about Financial Market Investing Absolutely Free of cost. It provides both an Android and an Ios Based native mobile application (Find us of App Store on Apple devices and Google Play Store For Android Devices) for beginners to learn the basics of Online Financial Markets Investing.

This Free and easy to learn application is very simple and intuitive to use for all level of beginners. This Application provides an extremely simple to read and illustrative explanation about best investing practices and meanings of the basic terminology that one would find while performing Financial Market Investing Online. This app is meant to make newbie investors feel confident and master the currency investing market operations.

We aim to teach the following through this app:

  • Learning basics to Invest
  • Basics of Financial Markets
  • Why and how to Invest In Financial Markets
  • How to read charts and Tables
  • Mirror Investing / Copy Investing
  • Best Times to invest
  • Basic Investing strategy

This App is provided Free of cost by Us.